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A comprehensive and modular loyalty management tool.

Integrate, develop, manage and track your loyalty programs with ease.


More than 20 years experience

and already more than 4,000,000 rewards distributed.

Loyalty Pass is a complete, customizable and easy-to-integrate platform, allowing you to successfully run all your loyalty campaigns.

Our experienced team supports you throughout your loyalty program through 4 areas of expertise.

 Technical integration: we develop and integrate custom APIs to connect your CRM and your databases to our platform.
Strategic advice: we define with you the winning tactics to surpass your objectives.
Logistics management: we take care of the distribution of your rewards, gifts, e- vouchers and promotional items from A to Z.
User management: 24/7 support for communication related to your users' winnings.

Why outsource your loyalty program?

A loyalty program management requires resources and infrastructure, which sometimes hinder its implementation.
In order to facilitate the management of your loyalty program, we offer you our expertise and more than twenty years of experience in this field.
We take care of all (or part) of the procedures related to the management of your loyalty program.

Real-time orders and inventory management.

The packaging, shipping and tracking of your rewards.

Direct communications to winners.

24/7 support for your users.

We maximize all the procedures for managing your promotional items to help save you time and reduce costs, providing you and your customers with complete peace of mind.

Outsource your loyalty program, we take care of everything.

Forget the main obstacles to launching a loyalty program like rewards logistics management and customer communications, which require significant effort from your company.

Your loyalty program requires careful attention to detail. From packaging demands to shipping methods, our expertise ensures that your items reach their destination on time, every time.

Entrusting us with the management of your loyalty program will also reduce
your internal costs, enhance the program effectiveness, improve customer retention, encourage customers to continue to patronize your brand, and consequently increase your business revenue.

Our management services

Selections of Items
Reward fulfillment
Recipient management
Customer support


years of experience


rewards distributed

More than 1,000 items with the Loyalty Pass webshop

Webshop Loyalty Pass offers your users access to a diversified showcase covering all themes (electronics, travel, e-vouchers, wellness, video games, toys, etc.). Our items are regularly updated according to the seasons, trends, novelties, and at the request of our clients.

Via the Loyalty webshop your users can redeem the points they have accumulated through your program for rewards of their choice.
It is completely customizable and Responsive Design; in short, it blends with your content and integrates with all your customers’ devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone).

Main reasons to choose Loyalty Pass




Quick integration

Ease of use


Some highlights of the platform

Flexibility of promotions

Easily create and manage powerful targeted promotions to engage your customers. Reward your customers for actions such as subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing, referrals etc.

Unlimited number of statuses

Configure an infinite number of statuses and assign a retention score based on the level of customer engagement depending on criteria such as the number of points earned, the frequency of their transactions or the quantity of their purchases.

E-Voucher management

Create unique e-vouchers, gift codes or promotional coupons for your loyalty program to reward your customers. Personalize them, manage them and track them freely.

Multiple virtual currencies

Create one or more virtual currencies to support your loyalty program. Next to your base points, create miles, coins.... Give free rein to your imagination by creating, for example, a currency for a particular event: Christmas stars, valentine hearts, etc.



The satisfaction of our customers is our mark of success


dimension to our CRM and Loyalty Program. Their extensive experience and instant reward portfolio access linked to a high level of customisation were key in our partner decision. The comprehensive performance reporting and smooth operational support were crucial for a successful project management.


good service for the integration of our customer's web shop on, and offers attractive options to add items to the store on request. At, we and our customers are very satisfied with the service and possibilities of Pass-Online.



creativity and efficiency. This team is really motivated, involved and committed to fulfilling our needs. Quick and efficient responses! A big thank you to all of you !


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