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Approval of Gifts

We offer you new items that you can add in real time to your feed by a simple click (* see below) or directly to your webshop with the Full Pass module.

JSON webservice gifts


Via the interface you can manage all of the gifts that are related to your loyalty program. Add from the webshop the gift (s) you want to link to your action by a simple click. Once added to the interface, you have the freedom to adapt the visuals, title, descriptive text, category and value of your reward. You will be asked for a final confirmation before your gifts are published on your digital media.


We ensure the management of the winners: depending on your needs, we make certain changes such as a change of address for the delivery of a gift, raising the status to identify groups of users, e.g. bronze, silver, gold.

Secure access allows you to track the movements and status of winners in real time.


Through the reward panel, you can view all the delivery tracking of rewards: from order through dispatch of the reward and to its delivery. You also have a view of all communications sent to the winners.


Classify your rewards according to your program, rename them, add or delete them. Track the categories of gifts that make your program successful, and readjust your orders to best meet your business expectations.


In the panel data, you have a complete view of the activities of your loyalty program. It is a very useful tool to best target the gifts your customers like most. You benefit from figures and graphics to enrich your presentations.