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Our management services

Outsource your loyalty program, we take care of everything


Selection of articles

Custom choice of theme, for any item of any brand, for your loyalty program, convertible points, bonuses, contests, tournaments, promotions... We provide you with thousands of gifts in real time.

Hi-Tech, video games, consoles, travel, gift boxes and gift cards, fashion, decoration, furniture, cars, sports, household appliances, DIY, leisure, toys, amusement parks, gardening, music, jewelry and accessories, sporting events, concerts, wellness... and all customizable items (goodies).


Gaming : Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Blizzard  - Telephony : Proximus, Base, Orange, Lycamobile  - Music & Internet : iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer - E-Commerce : Zalando, Amazon,, Dreamland, TopBloemen ... - Entertainment : Netflix, Kinepolis - Sport : Footlocker, Adidas, Nike


Existing loyalty program

Multilingual integration of products including visuals and descriptions. The rewards can be filtered by novelty, popularity (the most selected), values (increasing or decreasing), status (example: VIP, bronze, silver, gold ...), categories (example: All, Wellness, Electronics, Multimedia, Games, Music, Sport, Life style, Luxury, Home, Travel, Bonus ...)

Creation of a customized loyalty program

The integration of a dedicated Loyalty Webshop that allows users to select rewards, or convert their points into rewards in real time.
Each webshop is a unique development, personalized with the client’s colors, and can only be accessed by identified users. The rewards can be filtered by novelty, popularity (the most selected), values (increasing or decreasing), status (example: VIP, bronze, silver, gold ...), categories (example: All, Wellness, Electronics, Multimedia, Games, Music, Sport, Life style, Luxury, Home, Travel, Bonus ...)

Exchange Webshop

In addition to the products included in the integrations, we also provide your users with an exchange webshop containing all our products. If the items in the integration are not suitable for the user, he can select one or more other products for the value of his gain. For travel, each package can be modified (destination, duration, period of departure, etc.) depending on its value and availability.

These integrations are fully RWD (responsive web design), and therefore compatible with any devices (PC, tablet and smartphone). The integrations can be developed in the following languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Russian. The implementation of a new language can be done at any time. A translation module allows you to integrate any new language quickly.


Items are ordered based on the selection averages (popularity). A minimum quantity of each item is stored according on its popularity. In order to avoid a break in delivery, we have at least 2 suppliers per item. Our order management tool allows you to manage each item according to demand, delivery times and stocks with our suppliers.


Our storage space is secured by an anti-theft alarm system, access control system, fire alarms, camera surveillance (CCTV). This storage accommodates our orders and our clients' items and goodies. Destocking lists are managed by our system connected to our clients' loyalty programs. All the items are identified by a barcode, which makes it possible to know the quantities available in stock in real time.


New items are regularly introduced into each loyalty program. Each month we propose to integrate new products or replace obsolete items with new ones. The public value of each item is updated quarterly.

Rewards Fulfillment


Users access the loyalty program with their usual login and password. API Gateway is a service that allows users to authenticate once during a session. A secure web service will allow points to be counted after conversion and to update user details (e.g. changes of postal address).

Each user status offers the possibility to choose different rewards. The user has a history page of the received rewards and their status (in progress, delivered, return, warranty, etc.) and a contact link.


A confirmation pop-up is displayed when obtaining an item, and a personal confirmation email is sent. This email contains a description of the item, the delivery time, a postal address confirmation link and a contact link.


All items are packed and personalized. It is possible to add a compliment slip, a congratulation letter, a goodie ... The user can also choose to remove any reference to the sender.


The rewards are shipped by parcel post all over the world and can be tracked with a “Tracking code”. If the user is not present during delivery, his package will be available at the distribution point closest to his home. In case of return, we contact the
user again to create a new shipment. Delivery is made («delivered» status) when the recipient signs the receipt for the package.


Our system allows you to send email notifications to users as soon as a reward is ready to be sent out. They can then track their package. At each change of status (en route to destination, delivered, awaiting collection, return to sender) the recipient receives an email notification and the status of the package is updated in the user’s history. The tracking link is also available in this history (clickable status). In case of question, the user has a link "contact us".

Recipient management


The after-sales service is provided by us. Packages are insured against loss, theft or breakage during delivery. The item is replaced free of charge in the event of a
delivery problem. If the user disputes the delivery, we provide the proof of receipt or resend a new item.


The legal guarantee of conformity, issued by the European directive, and it is applicable to all our items for two years from the date of delivery. We take care of the management of these warranties and of the contacts between users and suppliers. We also provide a free replacement of the items.


Our customer support operates 7 days a week and users receive a response to their emails within a maximum of 8 hours. Our communication tools are standard multilingual emails, tracking and management of incoming tickets (e.g. Zendesk), customer histories and item statuses, phone calls (at the user's request and in their language).


All used data are processed in accordance with GDPR standards. Our loyalty interface provides everything needed to make your loyalty program fully GDPR compliant. We also have a certificate of conformity..

Client Support

We also provide support to our clients for their specific needs of the promotional items for any event, contest, promotional campaigns. We manage any allocations, for any operation, on the basis of the simple themed briefing.