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Our team

Eric Charlier
Founder and CEO / COO
I started my professional career in the offline media environment in the 1990s as a designer. After 5 years, I decided to join the French start-up Travelprice as a Benelux webmaster. As a head of design, development and integration, I initiated several partnership operations in collaboration with Internet pioneers such as Skynet, Wanadoo and Microsoft. Eager for new experiences, in 1999, together with Philippe, I created the successful site of contests "PLAYtheGAME", a site generating data traffic for customer acquisition for business partners. As the concept of customer loyalty gained in importance, the PLAYtheGAME team decided in 2014 to create a new company, Pass-Online. A platform that rewards customer loyalty. As CEO / COO, I play a key role in the technical and operational development of the company.
Philippe Colart
Sales & marketing director
After ten years in the hotel and catering industry as COO of several hotels and CFO of the French hotel group Primevère, I joined the French start-up Travelprice in 1997 as Marketing Manager. I quickly decided to focus on the development of the online travel site through the integration of content and promotional contests in partnership with the key players in the Internet sector in Belgium. In 1999, with Eric, we founded the PLAYtheGAME free competition site which is a synthesis of our partnership experience. For over 14 years we have been specializing in the development and creation of promotional campaigns, data collection and management and lead generation. In 2010, after having initiated the first experience of loyalty program management with Mobistar (Orange), I decided to reorient our activity by creating the GiftsMania site. Thanks to our experience in managing and shipping promotional rewards, over the years we have acquired a significant market share in this sector. Ten years later, loyalty programs management has become our main activity and the adventure now continues with
Inge Hanon
Account coordinator
After my studies in Communication Sciences and Journalism, I soon ended up at the newspaper Het Nieuwsblad. This was followed by editorial work for several websites and in June 2007 I ended up at Pass-Online. Over the past 13 years, my position - together with the company - has evolved a lot. Now my job mainly consists of looking for products for the loyalty shops that we manage. I contact companies and see under which conditions we can purchase products. In addition, I also have several administrative tasks related to logistics, accounting and customer service. And my colleagues can always contact me for a translation. A job with a lot of variety.
Florian André
Sales Manager
After having studied international marketing which took me to the four corners of the globe, I landed in Belgium and joined Pass-Online during the summer of 2013, to strengthen the sales department. During these few years, my tasks and responsibilities have evolved, from finding and sending rewards at the beginning to managing the sales team. It includes monitoring, prospecting, customer portfolio management, both within the data division and the Rewards Fullfilment division or the development of international activities. Confident in the project and the values of the company, I have since joined forces with Eric and Philippe to help Pass-Online to remain a key player in rewards fulfillment at the international level.
Elena Polomoshnova
Sales Executive
I joined Pass-Online in autumn 2018 as sales executive to strengthen the promotion and brand's positioning on the market. My educational background in intercultural communications as well as in art curating have helped me to apply cultural awareness in business interaction and use a creative approach to content curation. Taking into consideration cultural factors, I focus on successful international expansion and efficiency of marketing communications. A wide range of activities provides me with an opportunity to contribute to the company's success and its mission fulfillment in a fascinating manner.
Thierry Duchêne
Logistics manager
When I joined Pass-Online in 2016, I started as a sales representative in the data management division before gradually evolving with Pass-Online towards the rewards fulfillment and the implementation of loyalty programs. I am responsible for the team in charge of the rewards logistics including stock management, orders, shipments and tracking, and I am also responsible for the French-speaking part of Customer Support via Zendesk. A challenge that I accepted with pleasure, changes, in my opinion, are always beneficial for personal development.
Mohammed Attanjaoui
Logistics coordinator
Leslie Colart
Logistics coordinator
Louise de Moreau
Logistics coordinator
Lucien Herbiet
Developer Engineer

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