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The webshop is a tool very appreciated by the users of our clients who are interested in an exchange because it offers a very wide range of products and an intuitive navigation. Your users have the possibility to search for a reward according to several filters: the category of the reward, its value or by specific keyword.

Its operation

First of all, your users are invited to identify themselves via our authentication module.

Once identified, your users can, depending on the value of points they have collected, select one or more rewards and validate them.

Users also have the option of changing their personal data: their e-mail address and / or postal address.

Some examples of gift categories

  • Auto / moto
  • Wellness
  • Jewelry / Watches
  • Christmas
  • Events
  • E-Voucher
  • Fitness
  • Games
  • High-tech
  • Luxury
  • Home / Deco
  • Music
  • Relax
  • Sport
  • Travel

Loyalty Pass Webshop offers your users access to a diversified showcase covering all themes.